Mother's Day is a rough day. Just like Father's Day is a rough day. I know it has been a rough day for us in the past, it has not been as rough anymore. But just to let people know, just to let those mothers who were expecting, who are—maybe they are not expecting, to let them know that it's not just them, to let them know that they are not alone, to let them know that there are couples out there just like them who have been through what they're going through.

And that there is a voice for them and we hope that we can be that voice. But not only be that voice just ourselves but convey that voice through other people that we will be talking to, interviewing with, and sharing their stories with you.
Absolutely and just because the physical body isn't here, you're still a mother and you're still a father. I am fortunate I am grateful and I am blessed that I was able to share this with our families.
Jason and I still get Mother's Day cards and we still get Father's Day greetings. I remember it was one Sunday that I went to church with my sister and it happened to be Mother's Day.

And of course they said, to all those mothers stand up and she stood up. And she turned around and looked down at me and said "girl if you don't get your butt up." I was like get up you are still a mother. And I am so grateful that my sister, in her own way, she still told me "girl you better stand up." Not only was it a commandment but it was a decoration.
Just because your baby is not here doesn't mean that you're no longer a mother and just because your baby is, you know, not crying or running around the house isn't me that you're not a father so. It was definitely the start of this. So hey Michelle. Thank you.