Do you all have kids?

This is the question we get almost any day of the week.
Our response? Not yet. This is our hope, our declaration, our act of defiance. This is our refusal to give up on the promise that is in our hearts. The promise of a family, the promise children-our own flesh and blood.

Fourteen years into our marriage, we decided to share our story. It is a story of love, loss, heartache, doubt, and perseverance. A story not unlike so many others who desire to have children.

Chasing Rainbows: A Journey Through Infertility is our story. It is our journey to add to our family of two by having children of our own and the lessons we learned along the way.

Our mission is to inform, inspire, and build a community for couples struggling with infertility by sharing candid and uncensored discussions of our own journey of infant loss, pregnancy loss and conception.

Simply put, we want to share our journey through infertility, with you, in the hopes that you will learn from our experiences and somehow make your journey better.

Jason and Kaneesha